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Macro Expression Calculator v4.0



    This program evaluates expressions given in the Fanuc Macro B format.



MacroCalc Features


    Expressions can contain operators, functions, variables, comparisons and unlimited number of brackets.

    Supports variables from #1 to #999

    Supports variable indirect expressions

    Supports the use of empty variable #0

    There is a variable display window that can be opened to display the current variable values.

    Variables are saved on exit and can also be initialized to "empty".

    Supports both single and double operand ATAN function formats.




To assign a value to a variable, enter as the expression:  #varnum=<expression>


For example:    #5=2                    this assigns the value 2 to variable 5

                          #6=SQR[#5]        this will assign variable 6 the value of the square root of variable 5



Macro Expression Calculator is FREE, download it here